Escape From Wonderland (Wow Escape)

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You are an explorer and you don’t choose your destination. It seems like the destination is choosing you. You usually find yourself exploring places that you don’t intend to explore. You are simply walking along a place and you would find some path that not many people explore. And with your curiosity, you would always take that path and look at every detail of it. Instead of running away from something unfamiliar, you are the kind who rushes out to greet it. You don’t get easily scared of new stuffs. For you, it’s either you do good or you’ll have to do good next time. You never look at anything as a failure. Instead, it’s an opportunity to better next time. So you take up this path where a sign Wonderland is hanging on the middle. You’re thinking it might be like the one in Alice’s.

However, just to make sure, you have to enter it and explore it. So you walk bravely inside to find the place truly full of wonders. Your eyes feast on the various things you can’t see on a normal world. And you enjoy every bit of it. Then again, you forget to bring your camera. You rush towards the entrance but you can’t remember where it is. Play Escape From Wonderland (Wow Escape) outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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