Tree House Forest Escape Game

Tree House Forest Escape

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You simply live in a small forest house and even then you also have your own routines and projects. You were planning to construct a tree house and that's why you are collecting more heavier timbers and a good tree to attach them to. That day, you finished everything you needed to do like gathering firewood and collecting herbs, now it is time to plan for the tree house so you went deeper into the forest to find some good timbers. Deeper as you go into the place for you had already covered much of the area near your house, after a while you found what you were looking for, a good sized tree which is close to being uprooted! But you are going to need some tools though and your donkey to pull it, so you went back to get them. Well unfortunately that won't be easy however.

You just got lost in the forest and it's weird for you think you know the place but then this happened! How exactly? For you had been following the path correctly and it's very weird. Still there is only one way to find your way back though and that is to carefully travel back. Escape players, will you be able to do that and this time using more brain-power too? Go ahead then and take note that making a mistake can push you further into the wilderness and no help will be coming to you as well.

Tree House Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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