Forest House (Fun Escape Games) Game

Forest House (Fun Escape Games)

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In the middle of the green forest, there is a luxurious house which stands like a sore-thumb in the middle of nowhere. That house belongs to Donnie and because he was also fond of nature, he added features to his place which can enable him to place vegetation inside the house. Donnie was currently alone in the place for his wife had business to attend as a very successful entrepreneur. That day Donnie had nothing to do and he just wants to relax in his living room for the entire week had been hard and draining for him. But that relaxation of his however turned something concerning and it was sudden as well as unfortunate.

Donnie got trapped in his house and because his house is big, he doesn't know where to start and begin to solve this! The doors could no longer be opened and Donnie thought there could be something that got tripped there even though he knows very well that his house doesn't have a security system, maybe a prank? Escape players, join Donnie here as he navigates out of his own house to escape as well as find some answers.

Forest House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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