Porcupine Escape From Cage Game

Porcupine Escape From Cage

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In the very late afternoon, Billy was trying to chase down a boy who was hurting a porcupine and when he called to him to stop it, he took the animal even though it has spikes and ran into the forest! Billy was in concern for both the animal and the kid, so that's why he decided to find him for the forest is not a very safe place when dusk is starting to approach. Billy wonders why would he hurt such a creature, was he depressed? Or maybe it's one of those kids who have frustrations or something. Either way he needs to find him and maybe get some answers what he is going to do in the wilderness with the animal then.

Billy spent an hour looking for him and the sun had already set. Where did that kid go anyways? In his search, he found this cave and there is strong evidence that he went inside it for there are fresh footprints leading into it! Looks like he is going to get this rescue up a notch. Escape players, will you help Billy here on the rescue for the possibly injured porcupine and the kid that took it? Go ahead then and be sure on this for he won't be able to forgive himself if something happens to the kid.

Porcupine Escape From Cage is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy!

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