Billiards Room Escape Game

Billiards Room Escape

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Billiard is a different kind of sport that involves only mind and a bit of elbow grease, not much physical work is done but at the local billiards room however, players there are a bit confused why was a shower room there built for swimmers or field athletics? Newbies are most mystified, for a person can just come and become fully dressed already for billiard training, most players don't even become too sweaty. Well it's already there though so what can the players do then but to just use it when they need to.

One of those players was Efren and he felt like he had done too much work on the pool table alone for he is trying to uncover different techniques which he can use for the competition. It's a good thing there is a shower room which he can freshen-up. And so Efren used the room and afterwards, he was ready to leave from it. But somehow he realized that there was something wrong with the door for he could no longer get himself out! Efren was confused, but he thought maybe the cleaner might have locked it, if so then why is it that nobody can hear him cry for help? He needs to get out from there now before this problem gets worst. Escape players, come and join Efren here on this escape from the billiard room's showers.

Billiards Room Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Games 4 Escape.

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