Tree House Cottage Escape

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In this area here in the mountains, there are different kinds of tree houses both from modern designs and old ones, but at the moment there are no people there for the place is just being constructed, soon this place will become a resort in the middle of the forest here on high elevations. As the owner of the place, Pierre was there for he was checking some stuff before work can continue tomorrow because it was a holiday that day. Everything was okay at first, things were going well and Pierre prepared some stuff for the workers the next day, but something happened though and that pretty much was the only different thing happening there, but it’s troublesome unfortunately.

Pierre closed and locked the gate when he entered, but now he could not get out of the place for he could not find his special key to the gate! He tried to look for the thing everywhere, but he could not find it. Pierre is getting really concerned here now, for the sun will soon set and this place will be dark. Escape players, want to help Pierre here find the key to the gate so he can free himself there?

Tree House Cottage Escape is a new outdoors escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Tree House Cottage Escape

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