The Rhinoceros Warrior Escape Game

The Rhinoceros Warrior Escape

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King Zircon is the most powerful one in the mystical forest here, even though he was a human, he had become very enlightened to the point that the animals follow him and he was even given powers by mother nature as similar as Merlin's! Zircon had an army of humanoid animals and they are the ones who fight the humans whenever they take too much from the forest and those people are just one of many problems they face. One was the other king which was in the side of darkness, he is jealous of what Zircon has and one of his leading plans for a while was to capture the humanoid animals to discover what they are and make his own. One day, he did it again and this time Zircon had finally join in the rescue.

The one had just been captured was the rhinoceros warrior and it's one of the strongest in his army! Luckily Zircon was aided and now they had found the rhino warrior trapped in a cage. Well surely that cage is tough for even though he is strong, he can't open the cage with his own strength. Escape players, that door of the cage is also tough, but would you join Zircon still and rescue his toughest warrior?

Join in the rescue here everyone, get that tough warrior out of its entrapment and quickly. The Rhinoceros Warrior Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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