Warrior Rhinoceros Escape

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The village where Stefan lives is being defended by the very elite animal warriors. They were very much animals, but even so they were really good in fighting and defending, that’s why the village there stands in peace and tranquility. But even so when the place stands as free of major problems thanks to them, there were still some minor ones and that day Stefan was going to respond to it!

The one that got in trouble was one of the warriors and this one was a rhino! He was big and hulking but when Stefan found him, he was trapped in a cage and was desperately trying to escape! Stefan saw how sturdy the cage was, it was able to hold him even though the warrior was bearing down on it with all of his force. Okay not to worry now, for Stefan is here and he will solve this in ways gently or else the cage will be jammed. Escape players, you are now Stefan here and you must help one of the warriors who are protecting your community here. Will you be able to find something then which can help free this rhino warrior?

Warrior Rhinoceros Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Warrior Rhinoceros Escape

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