Tricks 2 - 01 Game

Tricks 2 - 01

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You have found that mysterious forest house which was suppose to be just stories and as how far can dumb-luck go, you are now standing in front of it and it's just what the stories had said. The stories were talking about a small wooden house in the middle of the forest and there's nothing paranormal about it actually, it's just that the place houses different kinds of tools and objects even a 50 cal! There were indeed those as you checked the area, but there were more and you can only see the extent of it.

There was a cave near a rock wall just beside it and inside were even more items of old! As you found the place, you just sat-down and lit a fire, relaxing for your next decision here will be vital. Escape players, what would you do here now that you have found the actual place which was just in the stories when you were young? Would you enter the cave and the abandoned house as well to see what's there? Or wait for more help to come in-order to examine the place? If you choose the former then stay alert as you do so, for clearly the cave has traps in it.

Check-out this first sequel here on this series. Tricks 2 - 01 is another new point and click outdoors escape game made by First Escape Games.

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