Jolly Monkey Rescue

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Jolly Monkey Rescue is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly for more daring rescues here with us! Best of luck to everyone.

Tucker had always been observant of the forest for he protects it from vandals and poachers who managed to come by in the area he patrols. One of the people he always watches was this boy who comes-by occasionally, that kid is not at all gentle for he harasses every animal he sees and that gets Tucker pretty mad, but he didn’t call the kid out though until one day something happened and it’s way beyond the line.

The boy finally set a trap and Tucker was not able to notice it until it’s too late. Tucker saw the boy again and he was holding something, and as he looks closely he found-out that it was a cage which had a monkey inside! Tucker got really frustrated then, but he didn’t made an action yet, instead he followed the boy to where he is heading and in the end, he saw that he entered a cabin in the forest and left quickly. Tucker thought maybe the boy was aware he was being followed, that’s why he just tossed the caged monkey in that random house and then took-off. Tucker was really disappointed of this, for some of the young doesn’t have any concern for wildlife and even got that monkey’s life in-danger. Escape players, Tucker has to rescue that monkey for their presence in the wilderness here is vital for the ecosystem, he has to get that cabin’s door to open as well so he can get inside. Care to join Tucker here on the rescue for the trapped monkey? Go ahead then and get that animal to safety. Enjoy!