Scream Girl Escape

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Reid is slowly creeping into the house where the recently kidnapped girl is being held, he needs to be ready for anything here and he is, for as a detective he has just the right training and smarts for situations like this, still anything can happen there. As Reid managed to enter the house using every skills he has just to be quiet and undetected, he heard a scream and that definitely prompted him to do something!

Reid was startled when he heard that scream, but he needs to focus and because the scream was definitely coming from the girl he is trying to rescue, he also needs to be quick. Reid is now opening doors in the house but he can only open a few for some are locked, he doesn’t know exactly which room is the girl in but he knows that she is inside the house and unfortunately, the kidnapper might be as well. Escape players, want to help detective Reid here find and rescue the girl here? Be very careful on this then and be quick, for a second here could be very important for the safety of Reid and the girl as well.

Scream Girl Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.