Girl Escape From Vampire Forest

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The forest here is dangerous especially at night, that’s why Darwin gave this woman who entered there earlier a stern warning, and that is to leave the place immediately when the sun is starting to set. That’s because this forest is not called the vampire forest for nothing, and he had experienced almost everything there as he roamed around the land for years.

The night is fast approaching and this woman who entered have not come back out yet, this is not good for her, he must intervene now or she will become the next victim of this place. Escape players, Darwin is now going to go in the forest and get this woman out of there. Would you like to join as well so that rescuing her can be much quicker? Move with haste then before the sun completely sets.

Girl Escape From Vampire Forest is another new point-and-click scary wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Girl Escape From Vampire Forest

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