Ruins Monumental Escape Game

Ruins Monumental Escape

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There is a newly discovered place near the great sphinx and it seems to be a ruins which depicts Roman or either Greek architecture! Why would a place stand there near the pyramids? Well, there is still a lot of mysteries to be solved in the new area and after week of crowding in the place for a ton of experts wanted to analyze or was commissioned to do so in the area, everything became silent for everybody got their results now, and the last person left there was Kieth. He too must leave as well and maybe return the next days for more analysis, maybe he can find hidden treasures there too if he carefully checks his current data. But somehow he is experiencing a bit of a problem there and because he is alone, he doesn't have help!

Kieth is now lost in the ruins and that's because the area seems to have changed! That could be because of the excavating and the area now is very much different. Escape players, Kieth needs a little help here and he really can't be reckless there or he might damaging something. Will you help him navigate out and carefully too?

Ruins Monumental Escape is the newest point and click ancient area escape game from WoW Escape.

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