Moderate Piggy Escape Game

Moderate Piggy Escape

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Tom's pig farm near the town is quite the successful place, that's because his pigs there have grown quite the animals and some of them are hulking like a small bison! In fact, Tom gets a little uneasy with them at times for those animals can easily kill him with their sheer force. Despite the big ones, he still has little ones which are quite the active animals and that day even, one managed to escape the pen thanks to its hyperactivity!

That one pig ran straight to town and he knows that is not good at all, for there are people there who are the undesirable ones and they will steal that runaway pig for free pork! Tom is not going to let that happen on his watch, for there is a chance to get it back so why wouldn't he get it back? As Tom came searching for that young one though, he found that it was actually in trouble now and he needs to rescue it! Escape players, want to find-out what happened to that pig and see if you can help Tom with it then?

Moderate Piggy Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.


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