Brick Rooms Escape (8b Games)

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The house made entirely of bricks is the oldest in the neighborhood, a lot of people have already taken the place and left, that means the house has a lot of stories to tell and has quite the old design too. That day, Kieth decided to take the place as well for it is the only house affordable for him, he doesn’t care if there are ghosts in there or whatever, he needs a place to stay and that is most important. Well that factor however was actually going to be important for him, for one day when he had already settled, something happened and now he is in quite a problem then.

Kieth just discovered that he cannot get himself out of the house anymore for he couldn’t open the doors! Plus he can’t find his keys and he remembered where he had placed it, but now it is gone! He lives alone and that’s why he is kind of suspicious of this, but he needs to get out to buy groceries so he must find it wherever it is. Escape players, finding that missing key of his and getting out of the house is priority, so will you help him with that so he can maybe fix this strange problem with the doors later on?

Brick Rooms Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.