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Save The Crazy Monkey

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The crazy monkey whom the rangers have really familiarized with for it is very distinct from the rest, have been not so easy to get thanks to its hyperactive nature and cleverness. One day however, something captured it and the rangers were in awe how! One of the first in the scene was Rio and he saw that the crazy monkey was trapped in some cage! How did he ever get trapped in something he was familiar with? It was quite clever with human traps and now this? Nevertheless the cage was illegal and as a ranger, Rio must deal with it by freeing the crazy animal.

The crazy monkey might be injured and needs saving, that's why Rio needs to act on it quickly for all he knows the poachers could also be on their way and often they are quite armed. Escape players, this is going to be a tough rescue here for Rio but he will make sure that he'll get this done before any trouble comes. Will you join him on the rescue as well and see if you can successfully get that mission done too?

Save The Crazy Monkey is the newest point and click wilderness animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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