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Escape From Fantasy World

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How strange was the fantasy forest? A few had been there and they say it is really different and they advised not to go there for a lot of people have already went missing in that place through the generations, of course none of them were ever found. But because there are actually some people who managed to escape from it, it's not always the case that anybody who enters there will be lost forever. That's why one day Gerald decided to check the forest out for curiosity and just to fill the missing stories of what the people had been talking about concerning the darkness of the forest.

People have said to stay away from that said darkness and that was their only tip, seems simple enough. But little did Gerald know that the simpleness he is talking about, will only be in his mind and a true challenge faces him as he ventures there. Gerald was further away from the entrance of the forest now and it was indeed different than anything he had ever seen before. He stayed away from the darkness even though he is already seeing it, but unexpectedly that itself approached him and afterwards, he was no longer familiar with the place he was in! It seems like he is in a different part of the forest now and Gerald then thought? Will he become one of those who were never seen for again? Escape players, why don't you join him on this escape adventure here, his life is on your hands now, navigate the forest and keep aiming for the way out.

Escape From Fantasy World is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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