Save The Pumpkin Man (Games 2 Rule)

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What’s a more dangerous situation than a pumpkin man getting trapped in a pumpkin garden. It seemed like you are the parent of the pumpkin man. You were there when he was planted and emerged as a pumpkin. It was raining that night. Your neighbor insisted on planting the pumpkin despite the thunder and lightning happening outside. You saw him through your window. You felt like what he was doing was not safe. So you stepped out of your home and went over to him. He was kneeling on the ground soaked with the rain. He was an old man living alone. Sometimes people think he’s crazy. But you know very well that he’s just lonely. You offered to plant the pumpkin on his behalf. He stood up and watched your every move. Only after securing the area did he left without a word.

A few weeks after, the man died. You took charge of caring for the growing plant until you saw a pumpkin. It was time for you to harvest it. But as soon as you touched it, it began to move on its own. You did not have to name it. It chose its own name. Yet you still have to look out for the troubles it can get itself into. Play Save The Pumpkin Man (Games 2 Rule) outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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