Easy Escape (Games 2 Rule)

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Your friend has a guesthouse somewhere a few miles away from you. She’s very excited to invite you over. However, your schedules usually clash and you find it hard to make time. All these times your friend had been very patient with you. But you have no plans of using up all the patience of your friend. She’s always ready to help you in any way she can. And you feel it’s unfair to ignore her offer. So you clear your schedule for the weekend to go to her guesthouse. You’re not very sure how it will go, but you know it will be fun. You didn’t think much when you pack your belongings. Anyway it’s gonna be the two of you there so you can be as comfortable as you want. You’re now heading to the place she’s very proud of. And you can’t wait to explore the house.

But upon arriving there, you can see that you have some company. You try to be friendly to all of them but it just ends up being awkward. Your friend pulls you aside and informs you that she’ll be out the next morning. She’ll return in the evening but you have to wait for her to come back. You should’ve gone with her and not be left alone trying to escape the house. Play Easy Escape (Games 2 Rule) room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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