Panda Caretaker Escape

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Adrian has a pet baby panda and technically, it’s not totally his pet for he works at the zoo and their facilities at the moment could not keep-up with what had been happening especially after the recent crisis, now they need extra personnel who has experience in taking-care of baby pandas and take them temporarily ensuring their safety in their homes. That’s a pretty careless thing to do, but if the baby pandas stays in the zoo which had been their wonderland filled with bamboo to eat, then their safety is even more at risk there.

That day, Adrian needed to leave for now and so he left his assigned panda to his friend who was also assigned with a panda, he’ll be back as quickly as possible. A few hours passed and Adrian quickly arrived at the house of his friend, he was ready to take the panda back, but as he entered the house however, he heard a scream for help then and that got him to an alert state! Adrian knew then his friend is in trouble, and he was right! Escape players, the pandas are safe but Adrian’s friend here is trapped somewhere in their own house and it’s a mystery for him what actually happened. Of course Adrian will help-out for he was already there and as a friend, he’ll definitely will. Will you be able to rescue Adrian’s friend here and safely? Keep the pandas in the garden now or in the house for they might get hurt.

Panda Caretaker Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Panda Caretaker Escape


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