Sad Cheetah Rescue

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As a farmer, you were always having a problem with pets from the tiniest ones to the biggest like boars. As a crop farmer, you were a little at ease when there are big cats roaming around the place, for they chase away the boars which could have really destroyed his crops in one go. But he also needs to be very careful for the cats are wild and could easily mistake him as prey. That day, you were just around the place near your home checking some stuff, and then you checked your boar trap along the way. And what you saw there almost brought you down!

You just found a cheetah inside your boar cage and it definitely was intimidating! Okay, you have no idea why it entered the cage, is it interested with the potato bait now than meat? That’s kind of weird, but you need to free this cheetah here for they are clearly pest hunters and really help you with the farm. But the question is now will you be able to open the cage without getting so much as a scratch from that wild animal?

Sad Cheetah Rescue is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Escape.