Farmer Escape (Games 2 Escape)

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The farmer in the town accepts guests at times for he is a friend to all. A few reasons why was because of his generosity, kindness, and being considerate, that’s why everything goes well in his farm. But that day as a townsfolk who visits the guy occasionally, Junie found-out that the farmer is trapped in his own house and he only realized that by chance! The old guy is trapped in his room and needs a hand to escape for he had already tried stuff but none could get him out. Of course Junie will help him not only because the guy is old, but to repay his kindness as well for he had also received some help from him a few times in the past. But there is another problem though, he doesn’t know how to really get the guy out for he is not truly familiar with the house.

Well escape players, you are to help Junie here right? Well if so then help him find ways to unlock the door where the farmer is and that is just the tip of the problem, for Junie doesn’t know the problem too well and you as well, that means you can’t fix this problem up to the root. But what’s important now is to get the old guy out of there now so, will you be able to?

Farmer Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.