Fruitland Fruity Escape

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There is a secret place in the forest and in that area there lived a strange creature which lives in a house shaped like a fruit. That creature is also shaped like a fruit, a strange being to ever exist, but the forest is filled with strange things there so that is a bit understandable. As a person who travels the said wilderness from time to time, Ashton knows about these things in the forest, for he sees them and most of the time he leaves them alone. One was even his friend already and it’s no other than that fruit creature living in a fruit-shaped house.

That day, he will come again to pass-by the house of this said friend of his. Maybe he can say hi when he passes, but little did he know he’ll be doing more than just that though, for his friend is actually trapped in his own home! At first Ashton took a look inside for his friend didn’t respond despite of him calling. Maybe he is busy? Well he isn’t, for he heard him yell for help from the inside. Ashton knew then that his friend is in trouble there, but he doesn’t know what kind yet, but he sure does know that he needs to help his friend right-now. Escape players, Ashton here needs a little bit of help too for he didn’t expect this and he wasn’t ready. Will you be able to help him free his unusual friend from being trapped in his house here?

Fruitland Fruity Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Fruitland Fruity Escape

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