Mysterious Castle Escape Game

Mysterious Castle Escape

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Exhaustion ruled you that night. But you were chasing the deadlines for your requirements. You were the type to work on it when deadlines were near. The pressure somehow made your brain exert greater effort helping you accomplish things faster. However, there were some time this also brought you closer to troubles. Sometimes, your brain wanted to work but your body was just too tired. So you ended up sleeping in the middle of your work. It would be fine if you could just easily wake up from your dream. But there were times when your dream brings you to a different world. And you weren't there just to have a look around. Most of the time, you had to do something to get back to the reality. You were not sure if you unconsciously pose challenges to yourself to escape your requirements.

Yet what you knew for sure was that you had to get out of the various locations every time. Waiting for yourself to wake up would just mean missing the deadline. One of the most recurring dream location you have was the mysterious castle. It seemed like the castle wanted you to find something inside it. Play Mysterious Castle Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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