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Office Manager Rescue

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You were once always late and your office manager wasn't very happy about it. He told you the reasons why he fought for your permanent position in the office. And he said he wasn't asking much of you. He just wanted to see you have the same flame you had when you were just starting. You told him all your concerns. And he was able to put your mind at ease. You began to appreciate your position once more after that talk. He was like your grandpa and you knew that you would never want to disappoint your grandpa. Everyone in the office saw you were the last person to be with him that afternoon. This shouldn't be such a huge deal if only he wasn't kidnapped. You arrived very early in the office to make up for the times you were late. You were hoping to see the manager.

However, no one was around in the office yet. So you thought of helping them out a bit by arranging some of their things. You couldn't really move their things around so much but straightening them out would help. After your colleagues' tables, you moved towards the office of the manager. Then there you saw the hints as to what happened to him and what you could do about it. Play Office Manager Rescue room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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