Thanksgiving Escape From Client Office Game

Thanksgiving Escape From Client Office

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You're not enjoying the part-time title you hold in your job. And you're really hoping that you can get the permanent position. You feel bad for your eldest brother already and your father couldn't stop as well. So you're doing everything just to have the position. Your office mates are taking advantage of this though. You usually end up running errands that doesn't necessarily have to do with office works. But you still accept all of them with the thought of having the position in exchange. They are rooting for you as well and you're very thankful for that. If only they can decide for the higher ups. Today is your last day as a part-time worker. And you're making the most of it. You're doing extra jobs than you normally did. And you're even planning to stay late to finish the jobs you have for the day.

One by one, your office mates are leaving the office. Your fellow part-time office mates are already discouraging you from over working. But you just let them all leave as you sit back in front of the computer. After a couple of hours you're finally finish and you're about to head home. But the guard must have forgotten you're still inside the office as  you can't open the door. Play Thanksgiving Escape From Client Office is a room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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