Hunter Cave Game

Hunter Cave

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This project was one of the biggest secrets of your company. When everyone else believed that cave men no longer existed, your company still had a hunter cave man. You found him when your helicopter landed in an unexplored part of a mountain. You had a hard time calling for help to get you out of the area. So while waiting for help to arrive, you looked for a place where you could find shelter from the unpredictable weather. You found a cave which you didn't immediately enter. There might be some creepy crawlies inside or worst, snakes. You couldn't leave things to luck. You looked for pebbles to throw inside the cave to check for any other living creature inside. But then you heard a grunt and a person came out. You tried communicating with him. Yet all you got were mumbling.

Just then, help arrived and you informed your team about your discovery. You successfully brought the man out of the cave. After a couple of months of studying the subject, it was confirmed that he was a cave man. Your research didn't stop there though. So you tried putting him in a cave you made to see how he would interact with the items and if he could achieve the goal. Play Hunter Cave outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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