Mysterious Cave House Escape

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Inside the mountain here there are cave systems, but these systems are only half natural though for there are signs that the place have been carved and there were even modern things there which not all can be explained. The place is actually off-limits to the public, but as an expert, Dickson has access and that day he will once again conduct some research there, but this time it will be more in-depth.

Dickson will be going even deeper into the caves, he doesn’t expect to be in trouble there day even though there is always a risk for that, he just thought it won’t be this day, well he cannot be more wrong with that. Dickson pushed further into the tunnels in the hopes to cover more ground and gather more data. But unfortunately he got lost and he is in a place now that his radio cannot call for help thanks to poor signal! Dickson did everything that he can to escape the situation, like tracing his steps back but it seems that he had taken a wrong path already and what he is doing is just making things worst. Clearly Dickson needs help there now and quickly for this place is under the ground and such a place is always dangerous. Escape players, come and help Dickson here escape and carefully too? For as he goes the oxygen level decreases and he fears he might pass-out.

Mysterious Cave House Escape is the newest point and click underground escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Mysterious Cave House Escape

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