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Bugs World

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Stella was your friend who was very terrified of bugs. You knew her since kindergarten and the reasons for her tears ever since were bugs. However, this didn't stop you from collecting bugs. You loved each one of them. Their colors and structures amazed you. You would even stop in the streets to pick them up and keep them in your jar. Your friend would always ask you immediately keep the jar. But she would never ask you to throw them out. She still didn't like the bugs. But she seemed to grow to accept that this was one source of your happiness. So every time you would deal with your bugs, she would just move away until they were out of sight. There were so many times when you would have tricked her. Then again, you didn't want to break her trust.

You were walking towards home when you received an invitation to explore Bugs World. Stella stopped in her tracks and looked at you with begging eyes. You smiled and told her although you wanted her there, you could just go there alone. She smiled and celebrated with you. A few days after, you found yourself in the world of bugs, lost. Play Bugs World outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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