Mossy Garden Escape Game

Mossy Garden Escape

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The mossy garden isn't at all mossy, it is however filled with green lush vegetation which one can easily get lost into. The place is so vast that most of the time when people visits the place, they don't always see the fences which surrounds it, on top of that it is not always easy to venture in there for a part can get easily overgrown by vegetation making it hard to go through. One day, Clyde was on his first day on the job in the garden where he has to do a trimming and overall beautifying a part of the place there. But as said before, the garden is not easy to venture into and unfortunately as a newbie, Clyde got lost in there!

Clyde called for help at first, but he really did wedged himself deeper into the garden and that is why his co-workers can't hear him! Escape players, this is not good for Clyde needs to be on his job now and this situation is taking all that time away. Care to help him navigate so he can begin on his garden duty?

Mossy Garden Escape is a brand new point and click outdoors escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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