City Center House Escape Game

City Center House Escape

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Houses are pretty uncommon in the city, but when Irma found one and it was vacant, she took it then! Irma needed a new home near the city for her work and original home was of a distance and traffic almost always delay her in meeting the time before she gets late. It is such a sigh of relief that she finally found a free home to stay in, and it's even cheap as well as roomy! But she was warned though before she even call the place her home, for it seems to be haunted. Well Irma wasn't bothered with this for her work is more important than such things. Little did she know however, that became one of the factors that delayed her in doing her daily processes.

One morning, Irma woke-up and readied herself for work, she was almost ready to go but when she tried the door, it seems to be locked! Irma tried hard but none of her efforts worked unfortunately. Must be the spirits now not allowing her to leave, still she must for this is her last chance of being late, any more then she might get fired. Escape players, come help Irma here escape from her new home before more trouble happens.

Find a way out of the house here everyone. City Center House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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