Love Fishes Room Escape Game

Love Fishes Room Escape

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The love fishes room is kind of like a couple's room and the decors there are exactly built for that. The color of the room is pink and indeed fishes inside tanks are present there in different rooms and all are housed as couples. Lia was one of the curators of the place and she built the room for couples who would like to spend their honeymoons or anniversaries with a little romantic spice to it. The place is clean and Lia made sure of that by disinfecting the entire room and changing the linens. But that day as Lia was cleaning the place, she realized there was a problem there, for the doors could not be opened no more!

Lia looked for her keys when she found about that, but she couldn't and that is now a problem for her. There is no other way to escape from the place when these kinds of things happens, which means she only has to find another way to open the door without damaging it. Escape players, care to try the escape here from the room with Lia and see if you can make it without ruining anything?

Love Fishes Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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