The Dark Fence 29 Game

The Dark Fence 29

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This place has a different story to tell. Upon arriving at the location, you see the huge claws that seem to be holding a part of the place. This claw is said to be the claw of a creature who used to rule the place. There were many villagers here before. But the monster came out of nowhere and slowly started to attack the people. At first, it was only during at night that it attacked. However, it only grew hungrier and hungrier. Then it started to attack even in broad daylight. The people panicked and most of them ran away. Only five people from the village stayed. The chief, his wife, and their children. The people understood why they would choose to stay. But they also worried about their safety. The monster was such a strong opponent and fighting it would surely cause great damage.

But the family remained and no one knew how they managed to defeat the monster. After a month, some of the villagers who were lost in the woods found their way back. They were expecting to see the monster once more. But what they saw was only huge claws and not a trace of the family. Now you're in the same location but hopefully not with the same fate. Play The Dark Fence 29 room escape game by Enagames.

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