Thanksgiving Day Volcano Mount Game

Thanksgiving Day Volcano Mount

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As a nature lover, there's no other place to spend the Thanksgiving than close to a Volcano. You are so thankful for wonderful natural resources like this. You appreciate the volcano's beauty so this is where you decided to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day. Everything seems so fine and peaceful until you heard something. It sounds like a roar but there's no animal in the place. You looked up and you saw lava coming out from the volcano. From then on, you knew that you have to run fast. You realized that you should've just celebrated the Thanksgiving Day at the forest but it's too late.

The lava runs from the volcano quickly so you have to find the quickest way to get out of there. The thing is, you forgot the way out. Because of that, you have to gather clues along the way that can lead you to the right path. There's really no time to waste so you have to use your logic to solve this puzzle as fast as you can. Thanksgiving Day Volcano Mount is a brand new point and click room escape game by Kidzee Online Games that will test your escape skills. Good luck and have fun!

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