Mirthful Dragon Escape

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The dragon living very close in the village is one exquisite and majestic animal, but it’s most of the time misunderstood for the animal is big and scary, plus it has a very high chance that it will sustain itself by feeding through herd animals, the people put two on two together for occasionally their flocks of lamb and sheep one by one just goes missing, they blamed it on the dragon obviously. In all actuality however, the dragon is quite the gentle animal and because it is different, it is always to blame if something happens. That’s why one day somebody finally did do something about it and now for the rest of the people, it is most glorious!

As a villager himself, Adonis is not believing this one bit at least for now, for he sees no evidence that can be pointed to it and as he saw the dragon which was now trapped inside a cage, it seems joyous like it doesn’t even know what just happened to it. The people successfully caught the dragon, but Adonis is starting to feel like he needs to free it for this seems to be wrong and for him, his instincts are almost always right. Escape players, there is currently no people around the area where the dragon was for they decided to keep the creature at peace for now, this is now Adonis’ chance! Will you help him on this and see if you can get the dragon out from the cage swiftly?

Mirthful Dragon Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.