Mirthful Bear Escape

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Ethan was trying to uncover this hidden treasure somewhere in the village and he has this companion of his which was a bear! This bear might look like it is a wild animal, but it’s actually an intelligent one and it had been of great help to him even from before when they were on small treasure hunts in different places. But on this adventure of his however, little did they know they will be in trouble, well maybe for the bear only.

Ethan was roaming around the village and the people there are astounded by his bear. Good! He can be a distraction to the people while he search evidences which can lead to this treasure. His search was going well until he was stopped by a problem unfortunately, and that’s because his bear got trapped in a house there! Ethan scratched his head for he thought what in the world was his bear doing? Well whatever it is he needs to get the creature out of there for they have a mission to do here. Escape players, want to help Ethan get his bear friend out from where it is currently trapped?

Mirthful Bear Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Palani Games.

Walkthrough video for Mirthful Bear Escape


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