Wooden Country House Escape

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A few places have been successfully preserved by the department here, one of which was this medieval house or tavern or something and even though half of the fixtures there are from the modern times, some of the things there are from the old days like the pots and pans, tables and chairs, and even some of the beams that keeps the place up! That’s why Orville who was one of the maintenance there is a bit scared of the place, for there are rumors that some spooky accounts have been recorded from his co-workers and it’s bad enough too that his shift was always at night and he is alone there! Little did he know that there was something about to happen there and it’s a thing that could get him to quit his job.

Orville was checking things and everything was fine, that’s until when he tried the door to get out and he could no longer do so! It was very weird for he didn’t really lock the place, but now it is. Was this some sort of prank or something? It can’t be for he is currently alone there. He doesn’t want to stick around and find-out now for there is a high chance that this could be the haunting of the place! Escape players, want to help Orville here escape? Maybe finding the spare key there somewhere so he can get out.

Wooden Country House Escape is the newest point and click old indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Wooden Country House Escape

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