Treasure Raccoon Escape

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There was this racoon living in the village too and this creature was mischievous and cunning. It poses as a beggar racoon at times and the people would give it food. Guess those were not enough for him though, for he resorts to more not-so likeable ways in getting more stuff, and that was stealing! As a person who lives there as well, Leo sees this racoon all the time, he even gets to reaching distance of it on a daily basis but why doesn’t he capture the creature himself though for it was wanted by the authorities? Well that’s because he sees potential on this racoon and somehow he wants to befriend it and maybe direct it from his current ways. That day he might have a chance however.

This racoon was finally captured by a trap! Finally, something did capture him and the people there will rejoice! But at the moment nobody has realize that except Leo who managed to catch a glimpse of it from his room. Maybe this is his chance now which clearly as it seems was being held-out to him on a silver platter? Leo finally decided then to take the chance of freeing it for he thinks he can gain its trust by doing that. But that is a gamble though which is a price for the villagers to pay if this goes wrong, but he prays that it won’t for something was pulling them closer together here. Escape players, Leo is going to try and free this racoon from the trap to get its trust. Want to help him so this can happen quickly and gently for the animal?

Treasure Raccoon Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Treasure Raccoon Escape

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