Mischievous Raccoon Escape

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This town here has a small problem, and that is this mischievous racoon who likes to pull a prank on everyone. He is very annoying and even though a lot of efforts to really punish him for his deeds have been carried-out, all of such have gone down in failure. Up to this day, he is still the number one prankster in the place. As a person who lives there, Shane have witnessed all of this infamous raccoon’s antics and sometimes she would become the recipient of these pranks. She doesn’t like that raccoon, but that day as she roams around the place finishing some chores, it seem that she will be tested between her good and bad side there, for she found this said raccoon trapped and he needs help!

Shane passed-by this house and when she looked at it she saw something moving inside even though she knows there is nobody living there. She took a peek and found-out that the raccoon in there trying to escape! She knows it was the mischievous raccoon, for there is no mistake of identifying him thanks to his distinct looks. Okay then, guess Shane’s good side here have won, she will help this raccoon here and she just hopes this thing would change its ways after she rescues it, for if he doesn’t then there is no second chance anymore. Escape players, will you help Shane here so she can get this raccoon out?

Mischievous Raccoon Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Mischievous Raccoon Escape

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