Cheerful Bunny House Escape Game

Cheerful Bunny House Escape

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That day, Anna visited her bunny friend in her home for the Easter celebration, she does that every year for her friend the bunny is not really a bunny, but is a lover of bunnies, it's just her code-name which was The Bunny, in-fact her house is filled with live bunnies plus decorations. The Easter celebration is her celebration, for not only it is a celebration for the risen Lord, but the occasion in some parts of the world is being adhered to the Easter bunny and the Easter egg hunts. That's why Anna's friend loves the celebration for bunnies are involved.

Anna arrives at her friend's house and everything was as she had expected, but there was a problem though, for when Anna entered the house she could no longer find her friend and to add to the strange situation, it was silent in there which was not typical, and she could no longer get out of the house for the doors are now locked! This is most likely a prank here, an Easter prank that is. Well then, Anna is going to have to ride it and show it to her friend that she can take this on no sweat. Escape players, imagine you are Anna here, will you be able to escape the house and quickly too? Be ready then for this might get pretty difficult.

Cheerful Bunny House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by WoW Escape.

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