Blithe Bunny Escape Game

Blithe Bunny Escape

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At times this callous in nature bunny who lives along with the people in the village, also brings joy to everyone, but it can be very inappropriate for it likes to play pranks and is very opportunistic on certain things. It annoys people a lot and that day, its actions finally caught-up to it, for now it is trapped in something and it is very clear that somebody did this to it. As a villager as well, Matthew was also a victim of the bunny, but when he saw it trapped though he was compelled to help it for what can he do? They can't just let the critter there starve to death. He also thought that if he helps it then it might see the error of its ways. Well hopefully but he can't be bitter all the time.

Escape players, Matthew is going to help the bunny here for in the bright side, the creature brings activeness in the rather boring place and everything really deserves a second chance. Will you help him free the bunny and maybe make it realize then what it had done for this thing to happen to it?

Blithe Bunny Escape is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.


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