Little Red Car Escape Game

Little Red Car Escape

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Little Red Car Escape is a brand new point and click suburban area escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy in another fun and a daring escape here!

Terry just had it with his house being haunted, doors would shut, things would be found in different places and it's just frustrating. One night, it got even worst and it's enough to push Terry out of his home in the dead of night! Terry was ready to leave the place but at the moment, his car is currently damaged and he needs it right-now to leave. At the moment, Terry's house is still scrambling and he needs some of his stuff to fix his car, will he have the courage to enter again and face whatever entity is troubling the place?

Escape players, there won't be any rescue coming for him here, either he face this problem alone or just run to the nearest neighbor and potentially be ridiculed. Care to join in with Terry and see what you'll do? If so, then present the best of your skills and logic here then, stay alert as well for that thing in the house might hurt you as you try to fix Terry's car. Good luck everyone and have fun!


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