Underwater Lionfish Escape Game

Underwater Lionfish Escape

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Come and join in this underwater fish rescue everyone. Underwater Lionfish Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from WoW Escape. Have fun!

The barrier reef here is absolutely a wonder of nature, but things can still happen there though both bad and good. In the reef, a plethora of fish and coral species lives in that place, because of that a lot of advocates have presented themselves to keep the place protected, but not every area there is protected though, and one day, one of the advocate divers saw it with his own eyes, and that person was Caesar.

Caesar was on a part of the reef that is rarely visited, he was just in awe on what he was seeing and the fish are vibrantly colored. As he cruise around the coral structures which took thousands of years to form, he found a rare fish to find in that area and it wasn't in the best position at the moment. There was a lion fish and as said, not all places can be protected here and that fish was inside a cage! Caesar almost lost some air there, but as an advocate he must get the lion out and probably take the cage to the surface for a report. Escape players, care to try the animal rescue here under the waves with Caesar? Good luck then and be careful, for a lion fish has poisonous spikes which can be medically significant.

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