Green Fort Temple Game

Green Fort Temple

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Green Fort Temple is another new point and click temple escape game made by Mirchigames for more dose of fun escape adventures with us daily. Good luck!

There is a place in the wilderness which was still confusing people when they go there, they don't know if it's a temple, a place that hides treasures, or even a prison. Nobody can analyze it extensively for the journey there is far and not all equipment can reach there, but Timothy was determined to find everything out of the place so one day, he journeyed there alone and that idea was definitely not good but he thinks he can do it only with his own bare-hands.

Timothy managed to get to the place and he saw the embedded tunnels along the way, that's making him pretty excited and as he finally arrived at the entrance, he was faced with a challenge and it's prohibiting him to enter! He was not expecting of a stuck-up there, but if that must be done then he will, the only question to that is will he have the skills and logic to do so? Escape players, you are very much welcome to try the temple adventure here, see what you can find and have fun!

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