Little Monster Escape

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Little Monster Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from 8b Games for more dose of fun rescues here for a very unusual creature. Enjoy!

Dave’s farm was filled with weird things but one day which was years ago, he came across something very different and that changed his life forever. Dave found this little alien monster creature and it intimidated him at first, but because he observed the creature well and spent weeks trying to feed it as well as coaxing it out, the two became close for years. The creature however, needs that much fresh-air in the forest and thrice a week Dave brings the little monster in the forest for its needs, but as he called on to it in the house however, he realized that it didn’t respond and was actually in some trouble!

The little monster just got trapped in his room and it was making noise like it’s trying to escape, Dave thought that the monster can just open the door but when he tried it, it was indeed jammed. Dave needs to rescue his out of this world friend here for not only it can hurt itself in trying to escape, he has concerns of the creature destroying his room in its struggle too. Escape players, join Dave here as he rescue the little monster which had already drawn close to him. Good luck everyone!


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Walkthrough video for Little Monster Escape

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