Alien Escape (8b Games)

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There is no clear way Nathan’s alien friend can leave Earth now, for he had tried a whole lot of things even though how smart he was, none of his attempts worked. Well that’s because he and Nathan lacks manpower and parts, that’s why it’s taking them long to get what they want until they grew tired of such. Now the alien lives in one of the houses of Nathan who found him one night crashing from the sky and now, they are good friends. The alien never really needed too much of everything, in-fact it never needed anything, it was able to make its own food and just survive by creating simple stuff that would aid to its survival. But that day though, he is going to need Nathan’s help and it’s kind of serious.

The alien could not get out of his room anymore for weirdly he couldn’t open the door! Well it was first funny, until Nathan tried it himself and he can’t open it as well. It seems like the door is sealed in its frame and he doesn’t understand why. Maybe his alien friend did something again and he just doesn’t want to tell Nathan? Escape players, Nathan here is going to get his alien friend out still, will you be able to help-out and see what this alien friend of Nathan looks like?

Alien Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Alien Escape (8b Games)

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