Little Monster Escape (Games 4 King)

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All of the little monsters that are roaming around the village belongs to Vlad, they are kind of like his minions but they are not harmful though, most of the time they are just playing and that’s why they can be seen outside his home from time to time. That day though, he is going to rescue one of them for this time it seems that it had played too much outside.

This monster which looked like a small devil or some sort needs help for it is now trapped in one of the cage in the village! That was probably for vermin. Escape players, Vlad is not really too good in this that’s why he is going to need your help to free his monster and quickly or he’ll get in trouble with the villagers there again. Will you be able to help him?

Little Monster Escape is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Little Monster Escape (Games 4 King)

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