Petty Honey Bee Escape

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The forest here is not normal, there are beings that lives there and also there are structures which has very little to no explanation of their origins. These structures are very old and abandoned, but that’s just one thing about this place, for what’s really making it stand-out are the strange beings that are there. Cole knows this for he lives just nearby, and at night he even sees weird lights coming from there, he just shrugs them off as the beings of the place. That day, he will be entering there again for despite of the place’s weird inhabitants, there are still normal ones there which are actually good game for Cole. But he never thought he’d be rescuing something there though, and that something is not normal!

There was this strange honeybee floating around and it was big! He immediately thought this one was one of the unusual ones of this land. It seems to be having a problem though, maybe he can help it then if it ever is sentient? Escape players, Cole here is going to interact with one of the creatures of this place now and maybe help it too if it needs something. If so then will you be able to help with whatever this bee wants as well? Join Cole here then and be careful, for this creature is pretty much still a mysterious one.

Petty Honey Bee Escape is a new wilderness rescue escape game developed by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Petty Honey Bee Escape

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