Kungfu Panda Po Escape

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You went to visit the so called dragon warrior who was Po, a blubbering panda who was chosen to be an elite warrior of Kung Fu. But really he doesn’t even look special though, not too smart as well, he more silly and mischievous, but he is clever however and that is what makes him win on battles half the time. Po is your childhood friend, so you are not really thinking too much of how elite he is, and for the day you are coming to his new house as a friend. But little did you know however, something happened to him in there already and the cause of that is once again his silliness.

Po got trapped in a room there in his place and he was really busting-out some ruckus just to escape! Goodness me, he locked himself in now did he? But as you tried the door it really wouldn’t open even though it’s in your side! Something seems to be up here maybe, but as a friend you will definitely help Po here first for he is already thankful that you came for the day. If nobody came for him here then he’ll be stuck in there for who knows how long escape players, so your skills and logic for this.

Kungfu Panda Po Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Kungfu Panda Po Escape


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