Witty Girl Escape

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Angelo’s friend who was a noisy yet funny girl just got lost in the weird area where an old house was in the wilderness! They go there almost everyday and he couldn’t understand why she was screaming from somewhere there in one of the strange structures nearby. It was then when her screaming became very convincing after a few seconds that Angelo finally responded to her. What it is this time? Said Angelo to himself, for he really think this was a prank which his friend was fond of, but then he was wrong and his friend was actually in trouble!

Angelo’s friend here is trapped in some old ancient structure which they agreed on to avoid for it looked intimidating, and still her mouth would not stop blabbering! Guess that made it one of the factors why he was coming for her, for if she stopped talking then Angelo might have not been pushed to come and get her. Well still, for her to stop talking was weird as well for she was a blabbering machine most times of the day. Escape players, you are now Angelo here and you will be rescuing his trapped friend for this doesn’t seem funny anymore. Will you be able to help in getting the girl out and of course safely? Find things then that can open the locked door before she hurts herself in trying to escape.

Witty Girl Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Witty Girl Escape


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